Pinnacle Developmental Services was created from the word “Pinnacle”, which is defined as “the highest point of development and achievement.”  At PDS, our goal is to develop your youth in a way as such that they can reach THEIR highest point of development and achievement.  

Through the development of the Pinnacle Growth curriculum, we made sure to keep in mind that we wanted this curriculum to be fluid, so that we could cater our curriculum to the needs of our clients.   

Pinnacle Growth can be facilitated in a one-on one or small-group format.  PG(Pinnacle Growth) interactively guides teens to become Aware of Who they Are, all while DEVELOPing the Whole Self!  Various topics will be discussed in this curriculum, such as: Personal Leadership, Decision Making, Communication, Values/Morals, Goal Setting, Self Confidence/Self Awareness, etc.  

Included in this ten module series is a servant leadership component in which a service project is created by the individual/group in order to deploy the skills that they have obtained.