LaDonna Collins is a radiant Youth Development Life Skills Coach. She grabs the attention of her audience through her fun-loving, outgoing, hands-on, yet professional personality! LaDonna has been passionately working with youth from all walks of life for the past 16 years. Through the years, she has served in many different capacities such as a middle & high school behavior disorder educator, a GED Instructor, a Public Health Educator & an Emergency Preparedness Trainer. LaDonna is the owner of Pinnacle Developmental Services, an organization created to assist youth in reaching their highest point of development and achievement. Through Pinnacle, she has been able help youth discover who they are, all while developing their public speaking skills, learning how to make healthy decisions, and developing the whole self. All of the roads she’s journeyed has led her to creatively helping people develop themselves within! LaDonna has been requested to work with diverse audiences of women, youth, parents, educators and concerned adults. She does so in a way that utilizes her energy, passion and zest for life. Once you’re in her presence, you will not leave without feeling better about who you are as a person! LaDonna creates and provides products and services that include but are not limited to: Seminars, Workshops, Curricula and Trainings that are developed for millennia’s, parents and educators. If she had to choose 1 thing to do for the rest of her life, it would be to empower youth with the life skills that they need to be successful and effective in their everyday life. LaDonna serves as a Board Member for Rome Floyd Commission on Children & Youth. She is a Certified Health Education Specialist, and she is also member of Toast Master’s International. LaDonna is married to Eric Collins, who is Co-Owner of Pinnacle Developmental Services. They have a son, Parker Grayson Collins.